Sight2Save and Optician NowOptician Now is proud to serve as a United States Ambassador for Sight2Save, an international non-profit organization that has one mission: to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide for good-through the treatment, training, education, partnerships and general access to suitable quality eye health care. Sight2Save has massive potential to grow  and help change millions of lives worldwide living with an avoidable blindness. Sight2Save is not just about saving sight but it is also about the education element as well, for people living in these areas affected by high levels of visual impairment and UV Index.

Having a Marketing background and being an Optician in a busy practice gives me a unique outlook on how the possibility of this partnership can help a lot of people.

One of the easiest ways an Optician can help is to collect donations of unwanted glasses

This is a very easy for patients to participate in, a great way to build a deeper relationship with your patient base, all while spreading the opportunity of helping others. You may contact Sight2Save directly or if easier you can mail your donations to my clinic near Seattle and I will get them overseas to Sight2Save.

What you can donate:

  • Plano sunglasses (most needed)
  • Rx glasses
  • Rx sunglasses
  • OTC readers
  • optical flippers, occluders, eye charts, flip charts, screening cards, stereopsis/color tools

Fundraising for Sight2Save is incredibly rewarding, as a non-profit they rely on donations from all sorts of great fundraising activities from flip flop Fridays, coffee mornings to corporate golf tournaments. The ideas can be unusual, whether it is parachuting from 10,000 feet or lying in a bath full of baked beans …whatever you have in mind as a fundraiser for Sight2Save – we would like to hear from you and thank you for wanting to support our work to eradicate avoidable blindness for good.

Sight2Save Fundraising is fun and a great way to have a good time with friends or family, whilst at the same time raising vital funds to support their charitable flying operations worldwide.

Whatever your idea for fundraising is or how crazy it might be, we would love to hear from you so we can support you in any way they can. Please email and one of their team members will assist you.

If you unsure of a fundraising idea or have something unusual planned to raise funds for Sight2Save then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with them, they are able to help you with your event by making it unique and offering support with making it a success for all involved. Please email for more ideas and information on fundraising for their cause.

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Got a pair of old glasses that we could have? Drop them off at our office (benefiting @sight2save)!

We are working to prevent avoidable blindness – visit to find out more.

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