New: Shamir Glacier Anti Fog Treatment

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If you wear glasses you’ve likely been frustrated with fogging while wearing a face mask. Working in healthcare, us Opticians (as well as everyone else in our offices) are required to wear PPE.  I don’t know about you but for myself contact lenses are not an all-day comfortability option. I’ve tried a face shield, which is excellent for breathability, but the glare from the plastic drives me bananas and it’s nearly impossible to use the pupilometer while wearing it; I also get some weird looks from customers implying the face shield is overkill. Full circle back to the mask with foggy lenses… I saw an email blaster (from whom I do not recall) talking about the new Shamir Glacier Anti Fog. It’s previously been available outside of the US and they are making it available early to a select number of accounts within the US. I felt my office would be an excellent match for Shamir to allow us to offer our patients as we are not only located within a hospital but are also near a good amount of industrial workers whose workplaces require safety glasses (who often complain about fogging). I am a firm believer in giving my customers honest feedback and wanted to ensure this was a product worth selling. I did get lenses with the Shamir Glacier Anti Fog and will even show you their efficacy but I should first give you the facts and how they are different from other anti fog treatments or coatings on the market.

Shamir Glacier ™ Anti-Fog’s has Duplex Technology, making it the the only lens with the benefits of both an anti-reflective coating on the front side of the lens, and a permanent anti-fog coating on the backside of the lens, to provide relief against fog build up without a need for a spray or cloth activator or re-activator.

You can read all of the other specifications, product availability, lens cleaning instructions, download sales flyer, and more, at ShamirInsight.

I made a short one minute video demonstrating the lens so you could see with your own eyes. There’s no schemy marketing or gimmicks. I am a happy customer myself and would definitely recommend this lens treatment to anyone I think would appreciate its benefits.

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