Night Driving Glasses Solution

Twilight Night Driving GlassesI would like to introduce you to a problem-solving gem on the market – a lightweight, comfortable and non-permanent night driving solution. Cocoons Eyewear provides a night driving glasses fitover to wear over regular prescription glasses. These specialized blue light filters are designed to increase contrast while decreasing irritating road glare and halos that can cause eye fatigue while driving at night.  Cocoons fitovers are engineered to let in the light you need while protecting your eyes from light you don’t.

I recommend wearing a clear lens with regular anti-reflective coating and a removable blue filter to be worn in low light areas so that people are not as affected by the blue light headlights.”

-Carrie Wilson, Master Optician
(Your blue light questions answered article)

The Twilight lens system blocks 100% of harmful UV light and 60% or more of harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light while providing 93% overall visible light transmission. The unique filtering properties of these HEV filters effectively reduce scattered blue light and improve contrast without compromising overall light transmission, delivering accurate color definition and visibility in low light conditions.

The Cocoons Twilight Night Driving lenses meet or exceed ANSI, EN ISO, and AS/NZS eyewear standards and are available in eight different frame sizes designed to fit snugly, but comfortably over nearly any style of prescription glasses.  All Cocoons fitovers feature a limited lifetime warranty and include a custom designed case and lens cloth. See complete details in the Twilight Certification Report

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