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Northwest Frame Repair is THE go-to for any kind of frame repair or re-finishing. In an online setting, anytime frame repair advice is sought, these guys are ALWAYS recommended. I personally use NFR for repairs at my office that need to be sent out, and I would recommend them to anyone. Tiffany not only does exceptional work, but she’s also an Optician so she truly understands the logistics behind what she’s doing. Take a look at some of the things Northwest Frame Repair does:


How did you transition from an optician to running your frame repair business?

broken glasses repair
Broken acetate bridge, repaired

I worked as an Optician full time for a family owned optical and we started our business while both my husband and myself worked full time for other people. The business slowly but surely grew over time and allowed for the gradual transition of working for others to working for ourselves full time. To be clear I never stopped being an Optician <3


What are some of the most common repairs you do?

The most common repairs we perform are precision welds, plastic mends, hinge repairs and nosepad adaptions. We also do a large amount of frame restorations and plastic frame polishing and matting.

What is something that most people don’t know you can do?

frame color change by powder coating
Frame color change by powder coating

We can change the color of metal frames. We offer a very specialty powder coating service which allows us to match the existing frame color or change it to a completely different color.

How is your welding different from typical soldering?

welding eyeglasses
Vintage frame repaired and reassembled

Our precision welding is done under a microscope and does not use flame to achieve the repair. It is an arc of electricity that creates the circumstance to weld the metal. We use a filler material to give additional stability to our precision welding. It does not cause extensive finish damage like traditional soldering does.

Can you weld flexible titanium?

Yes, we can weld flexible titanium! We often prefer to replace the whole bridge piece if it is a flex bridge breakage however.

What is the process for changing the color of a metal frame?

matte finish on glasses
Shiny frame with scuffs refinished to matte

We strip off the original coating so we are left with the bare metal. We then apply a new powder coating which is brought to temperature in our ovens and left to cure for the appropriate amount of time. Very cool process to say the least. You end up with a very durable finish.

Can you polish acetate or make a shiny acetate matte?

Yes! We can do either 🙂

What would you like Opticals to know about your business?

We provide a wide range of repairs. If we can’t repair them most likely they can’t be repaired by anyone. We are the one stop shop for all repair, restoration and customization needs. We offer wholesale pricing to all optical shops and optical professionals. We have monthly billing options available and we try to make using our services as simple as possible. My husband and I own and operate the business. We do everything from repairs to website building, social media (including the photography) to our facility maintenance. We do it all and love what we do!

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