Now Co-Hosting Optical Women’s Association Podcast!

OWA Talks podcast from the Optical Women's AssociationI recently joined the newly revamped OWA Talks Podcast as a new co-host! OWA Talks Podcast, from the Optical Women’s Association, began in 2020. The two existing co-hosts have stepped down and passed the hosting duties to myself and new partner, Tatiana Stewart.

The first episode with us new hosts is a transition episode, where myself and Tatiana share about why we joined the OWA and our favorite memory thus far from being a member. You will also learn about a new segment we introduced to the podcast, and hear our interview answers as the ‘guests’.

Read the full press release here

How To Listen To OWA Talks

OWA Talks publishes a new episode on the last Tuesday of each month. Tune in this Tuesday, August 29 for this special episode — listen and subscribe here:

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