Buying Groups

A buying group is an organization made up of small businesses that band together so they can negotiate as a larger group to receive better pricing and terms on goods and services from vendors. Read about the different buying groups in our industry to decide which is right for your practice and what the benefits are.

CECOP Buying Group

CECOP Buying Group is the eye care industry’s leading purchasing alliance for optical supplies, equipment and optical eyewear services. Professionals can enjoy the benefits of group purchasing power with our vendors to save on products and services from the industry’s leading suppliers.


(IDOC) Independent Doctors of Optometric Care

Our member-base of over 3,000 independent optometrists means more buying power for you. Improve your bottom line by taking advantage of our vendor savings, exclusive for IDOC members. With over 50 vendor partner programs, we offer pricing discounts designed to lower your cost of goods on products, services, and equipment you use everyday in your business. View a complete list of IDOC preferred vendor partners below. Enjoy enhanced savings opportunities through vendor rebates that do not require growth, so you can begin earning on the first dollar spent.



Opti-Port is a national alliance of leading multi-office eye care providers that leverages the combined strength of its member companies to provide revenue enhancing, cost saving, and market expanding opportunities. We do this by offering a common solutions platform focused on Group Purchasing, Web Technology, Education & Training, and Marketing Solutions. Working together in this manner, allows our members much stronger advantages than doing business on their own.


(PECAA) Professional Eye Care Associates of America

Whether an established practice or new, PECAA delivers customized tools, progressive tactics, business advice, marketing support, education, vendor relationships and peer-to-peer camaraderie to help fuel practice success. PECAA’s group buying power connects Members to 70+ vendors offering discounts up to 50%. On average, Members save enough in discounts & rebates to triple their return on their Membership investment. PECAA Members receive some of the industry’s most competitive discounts on leading products, services and equipment.


(PERC) Professional Eyecare Resource Cooperative

PERC is a nationwide group purchasing organization comprised of the most successful independent eyecare practices in the United States. Working together as a group is what helps us to achieve the best value for the group as a whole. We are highly unique and second-to-none for those that qualify. Discover why our 4000 plus members have made PERC the clear choice for high-volume practices. PERC has Premier status with many vendors, translating into extraordinary value for our members. By limiting our membership to $1,000,000 practices and above, we are able to negotiate some of the best programs in the industry. You can be assured, the elite status of PERC members will always motivate vendors to deliver exceptional programs.


Villavecchia Buying Group

We are a family owned and managed business in continuous operation since 1980.  We pride ourselves as having the finest reputation for accurate, prompt and detailed monthly statements.  We also provide a yearly summation of your purchases from each supplier, listed and totaled by month, to help with planning and budgeting.We offer discounts up to 3% better than most other groups.  This means you realize greater cash flow savings from each purchase, which allows you more profit and/or more competitive prices to your customers. Compare and review our price discount list to other groups’ pricing and you will see for yourself.  We add no extra management fee.  All we ask is that you use at least three (3) of our suppliers.

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