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This page includes resources that have personally made my life easier and I wanted to share them! I encourage you to explore your options and be open-minded to using new tools. Sometimes things can be intimidating at first, but in the end I promise these resources will either simplify something in your day, provide better value for your customers, bring in more customers, get more engagement from your followers, or all of the above.

All of these resources are things I use myself and I know to be effective and worth their while.

Your Business on Google

It’s likely that you are not utilizing all of the free tools that Google provides. I recommend reviewing this information because it is so important.

Within the Google Business tools you can and should:

  • Verify business profile information is correct
  • Update hours displayed on Google, including special hours/holidays closed
  • Add photos or videos to your public listing
  • Reply to reviews or questions, publicly
  • Publish a “post” which appears “from the owner” for things such as: COVID-19 info, Offers, What’s New or Events

I recommend checking your business profile regularly to make sure the information is still current.

Graphics Made Easy

I’ve used Canva for years because of its ease of use, ability to edit on mobile or desktop, resize, reformat, and more features than I could ever list.

Some of the things I’ve made using Canva:

  • Social media posts
  • Flyers to hang in-clinic
  • Presized images for social media profiles, event pages, and cover photos
  • My free monthly social media planner
  • Graphs & charts
  • Business Cards
  • Animated gifs (that I’d have no clue how to make otherwise)

Take a look at the pre-designed templates, they are easy to filter through and edit.

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List Multiple Links

Maximize your options exponentially within the one link field on your social profiles. Taplink allows you to easily create stunning link menus.

Taplink options allow you to create a link menu with:

  • Text
  • Links (scheduling, services, contact, articles)
  • Multiple pages of links
  • Pictures
  • Messaging
  • Social links
  • Forms and payments

Providing all of these one-click options increases the odds that your followers will easily get where you’re trying to get them.

All The Things

Nearly everyone shops on Amazon, which is why I chose them for my hand-picked supply list for all areas of running your business.

Within my Amazon Influencer page I have optician and eyeball related recommendations for the following categories:

  • Optical dispensary items & decor
  • Tool & workbench favorites
  • Optician exam books & study guides
  • Eye stuff books & lined notebooks
  • Gifts & fun things
  • Professional development books
  • Clothing
  • Desk essentials

Educational Resources

ABO Exam Study Material

NCLE Exam Study Material

General Optical Educational Material

ABO Continuing Education

Industry Resources

Optical Associations

Groups, Forums & Magazines


How to Recycle Contact Lenses & Packaging

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