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Rimmel Eyewear

Interview: Rimmel Eyewear

Since I first saw Rimmel Eyewear on Instagram, I have been in awe of the gorgeous frames they design and create. The colors, shapes, details, layers, inlays, you name it… are all done beautifully. Did I mention the colors! Browse their beautiful eyewear on their website and follow them on Instagram to see what they’re working on next! Rimmel came into the optical scene in mid-2021 – Tell us a little about your background: My polish dad is the biggest

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Interview: Northwest Frame Repair

Northwest Frame Repair is THE go-to for any kind of frame repair or re-finishing. In an online setting, anytime frame repair advice is sought, these guys are ALWAYS recommended. I personally use NFR for repairs at my office that need to be sent out, and I would recommend them to anyone. Tiffany not only does exceptional work, but she’s also an Optician so she truly understands the logistics behind what she’s doing. Take a look at some of the things

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Twilight Night Driving Glasses

Night Driving Glasses Solution

I would like to introduce you to a problem-solving gem on the market – a lightweight, comfortable and non-permanent night driving solution. Cocoons Eyewear provides a night driving glasses fitover to wear over regular prescription glasses. These specialized blue light filters are designed to increase contrast while decreasing irritating road glare and halos that can cause eye fatigue while driving at night.  Cocoons fitovers are engineered to let in the light you need while protecting your eyes from light you

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Cocoons Fitovers Eyewear

(Virtual) Vision Expo find: Cocoons Eyewear

I am BLOWN AWAY at the options for fitover sunglasses. Hundreds of option combos that provide a solution for every single demographic. As with any sunglass line, there’s no need to carry all of the models in all of the lens colors. How the heck might you choose what to carry to offer your customers nearly all of the options? It’s super easy and you only need 12 or less. You could do with 8 since that is every shape they offer but

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American Optical, reviewed by Optician Now

The New American Optical

As an Optician, I have always enjoyed learning about the history of our profession and industry, part of that history is American Optical. Earlier this year STATE Optical Co, the handmade luxury eyewear division of Europa, announced their acquisition of AO Eyewear. American Optical is the oldest optical company in America (dating back to 1833) and STATE has long looked up to them. Although the companies were founded over 150 years apart, both were born out with the belief that

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Second Pair Sunglass Alternative

Opticians and Optical owners always desire to sell a second pair of glasses to a customer, most often a pair of prescription sunglasses. With the unprecedented times we are currently in the midst of, many customers are looking to keep their budget tight – but this doesn’t have to mean that they don’t get a pair of sunglasses. Most Opticians have heard of Cocoons fitover eyewear by now, hear me out on this one. I’ve been selling Cocoons for over

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Scott Harris 462

I Know I’ll Never Love a Frame Again

Yes, the song. I was going through a sad time when I realized that I would never love a frame the way I have loved my Scott Harris 462 over the past few years. I’ll never get rid of my SH462 but I am wanting to spice things up a bit and wear something new to sell. I’m a tough face to fit and I’m quite the critic. I’m always looking for new frames but I’ve really been looking hard

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Clean sweep glasses inventory

How to Easily Clean Up Your Frame Boards at the End of the Year

As the year ends, inventory nears. I’ve come across many Opticians who ask about how to get rid of older frames or frames that don’t move. The answer: buy backs. How does this work? I’m currently in the process of doing this at my clinic and I started by asking every one of my frame reps (that I want more frames from) if they have a buy back program and what the details are. I was surprised at the variety

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europa eyewear

How Your Frame Rep Should Help You (written by a frame rep)

Howdy Buyers! When I made the decision to jump to this side of the optical business, I wanted to work with a company that aligned with my values and ethics. I want to help others and show businesses how they can grow. I’m passionate about our local community and I’m inspired by how passionate you are about this industry. (If you’re reading this group, you’re my kind of people!) At my interview with Scott (yep, Scott Harris himself) he asked me

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