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Books for general industry/clinical education

See ABO and NCLE study material on their own pages

Tonometry To Toilet Paper: And Everything In Between. A guide For A New Optometry Practice
With over 22 years in the industry, Mark has visited over 500 practices and has been a practice owner. He has some unique perspectives on success and practice growth that are outside the norms of what “other consultants” often say. This is a short read, but it is jam-packed with some of the best tips for new or existing practices in the modern market! Mark has a Masters’s Degree in Healthcare management, but he doesn’t let that get in the way! The tips are real-world tips that you won’t find anywhere else. These are tried and true in a practice just like yours.

study guide series from modern optician


ECP Advantage On-Demand Courses: A library of educational webinars and presentations available to watch anytime. Provided by Walman Optical.


OptiCampus: OptiCampus serves as a source of free online education and resources for optometrists, opticians, lab technicians, and ophthalmic personnel. Access to the content on OptiCampus.com is completely free and available to everyone.


PECAA: Members of PECAA have access to a full library of training materials for all staff, including: doctors, office managers, new employees, ophthalmic assistants, opticians, and admins. Access the training in your member portal under Education & Training.


U University: UUniversity is an online optical educational portal where every day eye care professionals can learn even more about optics, and how to simplify the dispensing process.


Vision Training Lessons: VISION EASE is committed to supporting continuing education and helping build your knowledge of the optical and lens industry. That’s why we’ve made available a suite of complimentary, on-demand online trainings.

Terminology & Standards

Glossary of Optical Terminology: FEA Industries comprehensive glossary of optical terminology compiled by FEA that includes a link to a PDF to this wonderful resource.


The Vision Council’s Ophthalmic Prescription Lenses ANSI Z80.1 Standards (the sheet you should print out and reference verifying orders)

OptiCampus Material Reference Chart: All optical measurements are based upon US standards (Helium d line). Actual values may vary depending upon individual lens supplier and product type. Trademarks may apply and are property of the owners as indicated.


Laramy-K Optical YouTube channel: Their long-term goal with this channel is to provide a more accessible and higher level of education for opticians everywhere. A ton of videos with near half a million views!


Dr. Root Video Eye Lectures: Dr. Timothy Root is a practicing ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon. He began cartooning while an undergraduate at Yale University, and continued his medical illustration while earning his medical degree at Columbia University. Although these are Ophthalmology videos, they are excellent learning material.


Khan Academy video on Refraction and Snell’s law: Video with transcript. I highly recommend also searching on this website for other things like refraction through the human eye, convex and concave lenses, or others.

Lensmeter Training

How To Use The Lensmeter – LaramyK Optical: Parts, Focus and Setup

How To Use The Lensmeter – LaramyK Optical:  Eyeglass Lens Neutralization

How To Use The Lensmeter – LaramyK Optical:  A Simple Spherical Single-Vision Lens

How To Use The Lensmeter  – LaramyK Optical: Read A Spherocylinder Lens

How To Use The Lensmeter – LaramyK Optical: Read a Finished Progressive Pair


Apps & Calculators

Progressive Lens Identifier iOP app: Need to find out progressive lens name from its engravings? Or want to know what engravings a particular lens has. Look no further as ours is the only app which does it both ways in a swift and easy manner. Each progressive lens has its availability, materials, recommended minimum fitting height and lots of other information.


Opticampus Optical Calculators: Lens Tilt & Wrap Compensation, Crossed Cylinders Calculation, Vertex Distance Compensation, Spectacle Magnification Calculation, Lens Thickness, Vertical Imbalance, Single Vision Blank Size, Compounding Prisms, Resolving Prisms, Induced Prism, Surface Curve Conversion.

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