Four $5,000 Opticianry Student Scholarships – Coming Soon!

The James Michael Morris Family Scholarship, for four $5,000 Opticianry Student Scholarships, will be published on in mid-January 2023.

About the process:

  • All opticianry students interested in applying for the James Michael Morris Family Scholarship must visit before January 15th, 2023, to create an account.
  • The scholarships will be published on and open for application soon after January 15th (I will send out another email when the application is open)
  • When applying, submit a 400–600-word essay about how you plan to make a positive impact through your career in Opticianry

About the James Michael Morris Family

James M. Morris’ passion for the opticianry and contact lens profession became personal when his son Justin was born with a very serious birth defect in his right eye. Because of innovative and cutting-edge care from a competent team of eyecare professionals, including the skill of licensed optician and licensed contact lens technician Curt Duff, Justin developed into a wonderfully normal child who attended school, played sports, went on to college, graduated with a 4.0, and received his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.

James understands just how critically important competent, qualified, and capable opticians are to the citizens of every state. He now travels the country working with State Legislatures, Licensing Boards, Corporations, and State Societies, to address issues relative to opticianry and contact lens technology. Being able to see clearly is an ability that not everyone has naturally and that many take for granted. Qualified, licensed opticians are critical for those with bad eyesight to get the care they need so that they can experience the world more clearly.

EFOO, a subsidiary of ABO-NCLE: The EFOO mission is to further educational opportunities in Ophthalmic Optics, receive and administer donations relating to educational activities in the field of Ophthalmic Optics and to loan and/or render other financial assistance to students enrolled in schools of Opticianry.

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