About the site

Optician Now was created for Opticians and those seeking certification or licensure to have one central place to find all kinds information relating to the Optician profession as a whole. There really is a lot that goes into being a great Optician.

I’ve tried to include all aspects of Opticianry including why one would want to become a Certified Optician, ABOC exam preparation resources, NCLE exam prep, where you can earn continuing education credits to maintain your certification and general optical training material. These are not only good resources for an Optician but also good to have on hand for those who are new to the industry or other staff members who could use the knowledge.

Opticians take a lot of pride in what we do, which is why I’ve also included some really great optical finds and eyeglass themed gifts from custom wine glasses to clothing to fun PD rulers.

The business section includes all of the other aspects of running a practice. As we all know, Opticians do a lot to run the show and should have a grasp on the business side of things like automation services, buying, EHR Software, customer service, leadership, current Optometry industry Podcasts, as well as a whole other barrel of tricks.

I’m always updating and adding to the site’s content as I find new resources. If there is something you find value in that would help others in our industry and should be included on this site, please let me know here.

Carissa Dunphy, Optician NowAbout the Founder

Carissa Dunphy is an ABO Certified Optician who has been working in the Optical industry since 2008 and in healthcare for several years prior. She grew up in a house where her parents ran their small business in the home office and she began learning all of the elements of running a business at an early age. Seeing the hard work of her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic, the desire to do and see a job well done and to above all, do the right thing and what’s best for the customer.

She works in a thriving 5 doctor Optometry practice just outside of Seattle in the heart of the technology of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many others, and has for over 10 years.  Carissa served on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for three years, was a featured contributing Optician in Vision Monday Magazine’s year long Millennial Project, and was recently interviewed on the #1 Optometry Podcast, Defocus Media. She currently contributes to The Eyewear Forum Magazine, The Optical Journal, serves on INVISION Magazine’s Brain Squad panel and is a guest contributor for other publications in the industry.

Carissa’s formal education is in technology as a Certified Computer Applications Specialist, graduating Phi Theta Kappa, with additional coursework in Bioethics, Justice, Economics, Communications, and Digital Marketing. Before working in the healthcare industry she spent several years working for an internet startup and also a web hosting and live-streaming company where she provisioned servers and built websites for other small businesses. During this time Carissa hosted over 60 live podcast episodes which ranked as the #2 Marketing and Management Video Podcast, second to the Harvard Business Review.  Her podcast and small business blog has been highlighted on MSN Money, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, GeekWire, StartupNation, The Shark Tank Blog, Quirky, Edison Awards, Barbara Corcoran’s Facebook page, Mark Cuban’s Twitter feed, and various other websites. She felt that her previous knowledge of small business, helping people, and love for Opticianry and technology would be a great combination, and Optician Now was created.

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