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Comprehensive, integrated and flexible, our optometry clinic software is specifically designed to increase your practice’s efficiency, profitability, and to give you more time for what matters most—your patients. Our EHR learns your individual practice patterns as you chart, and automatically adapts to your style of practice. Reduce chair time and enhance the patient experience with our optometry clinic software. Anytime access to patient records, your schedule, and all of the great features of your Advantage clinic software.
Increase the profitability of your optical shop with our patent-pending POS, lab ordering, and inventory management solution which includes automatic maintenance of thousands of optical plans and lenses. Our responsive, knowledgeable support and training team is by your side every step of the way to ensure your EHR success.

Crystal Practice Management

Scheduling patients has never been so easy. Our search tool allows you to search a doctor’s schedule to find the doctor’s next available appointment or find an available appointment for a particular time slot. Our system makes creating and managing customer records designed specifically to fit your practice as simple and convenient as possible. Knowing exactly what frames and how many you have can save you both time and money.  Have the purchase price, blue book price, and the sale price all on one screen in seconds.
There are no hidden charges; Crystal PM is a complete and comprehensive software package that has all the features you will need to manage an optometric office. It comes with many features that many other practice management software packages charge extra for, including electronic medical records, electronic filing of insurance claims, and frames inventory. The only non-standard products we have is our onsite training and data conversion services.
Crystal PM has years of experience working with optometry offices and our support reflects that. We offer a variety of walkthrough videos and documentation and provide exceptional support through telephone email and our extended onsite training services. Beyond making a great product, it is also our responsibility to ensure you are able to utilize the complete benefits of our practice management software.

dr chrono

Organize your office with one integrated system from scheduling to billing and everything in between, eliminating paperwork and human error. Maintain accurate provider schedules across rooms and locations with seamless scheduling tools. Our online check-in and self check-in kiosks reduce wait time and allow new patients to complete onboarding or consent forms with minimal staff involvement. Full suite of patient scheduling and auto reminder tools. Integrated electronic fax feature increases the efficiency of records transfer with improved subsequent patient care. Focus on patient care and leverage a virtual back office to optimize your revenue collection. Our team is fluent with hundreds of Optometry codes and knowledgeable in best practices for your specialty.
DrChrono RCM comes with our full EHR software for free. With increased earnings through RCM, practices often end up paying less overall for integrating their systems than they had when using just our EHR. Seamless claims submission is built into the patient encounter, making coding easier and quicker than ever. This single data entry process reduces data errors and improves clean claim rates. Full transparency into practice financial status and trends allows you to make business choices to improve your practice.

Eyecloud Pro

Manage all aspects of your business with our easy-to-use software: One software to handle it all! Documentation seamlessly flows from the appointment book to the EMR, to the patient home page to efficiently manage patient messaging, prescriptions, orders, insurance, and billing.
Go Live in 4-6 weeks with a dedicated Project Manager who will guide your office through the setup and use of Eye Cloud Pro. Easily convert your Patient Demographic data from your previous vendor.
Integrations with common digital phoropters, Surescripts, ABB, OOGP, VisionWeb, and Frames Data. No need to worry about backups, updates, or accessing your reporting or records away from the office with our cloud-based software.

Eyefinity EHR

Build an exceptional patient experience with an optometric charting solution that allows you to easily record patient visits, review past diagnosis, set-up preferred procedures, and submit codes accurately.
Enhance the patient experience with a secure Patient Portal that makes it easy to send secure messages and attachments that patients can access anytime, anywhere.
Skip the endless clicking and increase effectiveness by leveraging exam protocols that pre-populate with your preferred procedures.
Enjoy the flexibility you need to scale practice operations, whether that be opening a new location, adding an additional provider, or even extending care to remote patients with telehealth.

Eye Pegasus

Imagine a modern iPad Optometry EHR that is easy-to-use on a beautiful and intuitive user interface and with fast screens – while, at the same time, providing comprehensive functionality and extensive automation. This is EyePegasus EHR. Built as a native application for the iPad, EyePegasus EHR was designed to empower optometrist and make their job easier. Take 100% control over exam layout and flow with easy-to-use customization features. Build templates for common regimens to speed up treatment and plan documentation. Draw beautifully accurate posterior and anterior findings within seconds. Experience fast exam coding with advanced ICD-10 auto-coding tools. Optimize medical exam reimbursement with the documentation-driven E/M coder. Upload images directly from the iPad for easy report documentation and retrieval.
Comprehensive in its numerous features and easy-to-learn, EyePegasus is the only practice management system in the industry that has patient communication tools built-in. You cut costs down, but most of all you reap the benefits of modern cloud-based system.


LiquidEHR Optometry Software is a cutting edge electronic health record (EHR) solution, combined with a practice management system designed for speed and ease of use, scalable to your office needs, developed specifically for the eye care industry in conjunction with a team of forward thinking Doctors. It provides secure industrial strength multi-user, multi-office access to data from the front office to the exam lane to the back office and even into the Doctor’s living room. It provides secure industrial strength multi-user, multi-office access to data from the front office to the exam lane to the back office and even into the Doctor’s living room.
LiquidEHR’s mission is to make sophisticated and forward-thinking practice management technology easy for eye care providers. The company strives to make information technology as transparent as possible to allow doctors to focus on providing patients with the best eye care possible.


Every optometry and ophthalmology practice is as unique as the patients it treats. With MaximEyes EHR software, you have the flexibility to tailor the system to your needs or get started right away with pre-built exam templates.Make patient visits more efficient with: problem-oriented assessments/plans and disease-specific templates for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal and corneal diseases, diabetes and other chronic eye diseases.Eliminate hundreds of keystrokes per day with dozens of documentation shortcuts. Click one button to view and/or copy previous exam data for each exam element or transfer data from your exam to billing and optical departments.
MaximEyes EHR software lets you personalize your optometry and ophthalmology encounter forms to fit workflows for different types of visits. Modify any elements or fields in exam forms, edit lists or color-code text and fields, then view doctor exam elements on a single screen to see relevant data at-a-glance. Build your own rules to suggest diagnostic and procedure codes based on your exam findings. Free text type anywhere you like and take advantage of touch-screen capabilities to quickly navigate and enter data. Turn patient information into new insight and improve workflow with our cloud-based image management system, EyeClinic Imaging. Consolidate diagnostic data, images and reports from all your ophthalmic imaging devices—fundus cameras, visual fields, OCTs and more—using DICOM and non-DICOM interfaces. Access what you need anytime, from anywhere, to analyze data side-by-side.

My Vision Express

Manage patient records as effectively and efficiently as possible, including demographic and insurance information, prescription history, health records, appointments, order history, and much more. Process sales with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The Quick Order feature is the ideal point-of-sale (POS) and a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions, add payments, and more — all on one screen. Streamline billing, accounts receivable, and insurance claims processing. Required fields are automatically highlighted for the claim to be successfully processed, reducing errors and resulting in faster reimbursements. Maintain accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items for a single practice or multiple locations. Look-up and transfer items across locations and easily keep track of inventory in real-time.

OD Link

Created by an optometrist, for optometrists. OD Link offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining patient records, exams, appointments, inventory and dispensing for retail, billing and insurance information, recalls, referrals, patient communication with text and email, and more. What sets our practice management and EMR/EHR software apart is that all features of OD Link are within one program.
OD Link is also compatible with electronic insurance claim processing centers and other web services, and is capable of receiving input from electronic optometry equipment. Not to mention, OD Link works on both Windows® and Mac® platforms, including iPads and iPhones. No matter your office setting, OD Link is the answer. It is a comprehensive solution for all of your practice and retail needs. We have the right solution for commercial practices, new practices, and all practices in between with local and “cloud” options available.


The simplicity of ONE cloud-based software platform for your practice offers the most effective and efficient way to run your practice. With EHR and Practice Management at the core, RevolutionEHR seamlessly integrates with a variety of partner solutions and enables a growing suite of ECP business services for your practice. RevolutionEHR frees you and your staff from the hassles of IT and complex computer systems so you can spend more time doing what you do best: caring for your patients.
Access RevolutionEHR anywhere you happen to be – home or office or traveling. Since RevolutionEHR is completely cloud-based, you choose which computers and devices you prefer wherever you are – Windows, Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each member of the customer support team is U.S.-based and has experience working in an optometric practice. They get it! They aren’t just experts, they understand the day-to-day issues you face and are ready to walk alongside you as you provide patient care.

Visionpro POS

VisionProPOS is the right solution for your practice because it is fully customizable and is designed to fulfill all your POS business needs. Over the years we have improved the product by incorporating the feedback we have received from our valued customers and continue to do so. Ease of use is always a top priority of our designers when developing new functionality or enhancing any existing ones. We conduct regular surveys to identify and address our customer’s “Pain Points”. Our product is very intuitive and easy to use so users can start to use the product immediately with little or no training required. Our customizable “Workdesk” and “Open Window List” allows users to access all functions from one screen.
At VisionProPOS we take pride in the quality of our product. We have strict quality control and automated testing mechanisms in place to ensure our software is bug free. Our Product Development Team, Designers, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance specialists work very hard to deliver an extremely reliable product to you.

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