Automation Services

These automation services are a good variety of what is currently offered. Most of these services are offered in tiered packages with a range of subscription costs. I encourage you to research and decide what services would best serve your practice needs as some packages may include service (and prices) you would not utilize. These services are designed to help automate and streamline operations.

appointment reminders

4PatientCare: Do you have a no-show problem? We can cut that down dramatically by reaching out to patients and reminding them of their appointments through their preferred method of communication, whether that’s by email, text, or phone.

Demandforce: Email a friendly appointment reminder in advance of each upcoming appointment. At setup, you determine when and how clients should be contacted, and we do the rest – it’s that easy. Automatically send a day-of text message so your client doesn’t forget about you. According to SinglePoint, 99% of text messages are read so you can be sure the appointment reminder is seen.

SolutionReach: Automated Appointment Reminders cut no-show rates so drastically (to less than five percent for most Solutionreach customers). Patients can receive appointment reminders that are customized with pre-appointment instructions in the way they choose.

Weave: Send appointment reminders that are personalized for each patient and automatically send at the times/days you choose.

recall notifications

4PatientCare: Dramatically increase retention, and make sure every patient becomes a lasting one. The 4PC system targets patients when they are due for an appointment and leverages existing practice data about that patient’s previous appointments when automatically contacting them. Continue to contact patients over set intervals of time using different communication methods until an appointment is booked. Start with the least expensive mediums like e-mail and then escalate from text to phone and even to postal.

Demandforce: That old adage applies to your marketing communications. Our marketing automation tools make it possible to reach out to clients when they’re due for routine and recommended services. Reach all of your clients — even the ones that don’t have email addresses — with professional postcards.

patient feedback

4PatientCare: Knowing how your patients feel about their office visit can allow you to adjust your operations in ways that benefit both you and the patient. Using our automated surveys, find out exact details about how the visit went and get immediately alerted if the patient had a negative experience.

SolutionReach: Solutionreach automates surveys to track satisfaction and get feedback on new services. With patients demanding more consumer services and better customer service, you need to know what to work on or risk losing patients.

online reviews

4PatientCare: What are your patients reading about you online? Control the conversation with our state of the art review system. Seamlessly integrated into the survey, our review system allows you to target patients that had a positive experience with their office visit and allow them to leave first party reviews around the web (Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and more).

Demandforce: Review management can be flexible with the ability to turn on or off the review sites you want your customer feedback sent to. Expand your online presence by sending your customer reviews to sites like Yelp, WebMD, Vitals and more.

SolutionReach: Online reputation management and provider reviews are more important than ever before. Seventy-seven percent of patients use online doctor ratings and reviews as the first step when selecting a healthcare provider. Solutionreach uses a three-fold strategy to help your practice ensure you’re getting better reviews.

Weave: Take an easy proactive approach to building your online reputation. Weave Reviews post on Google, Facebook, and industry review sites like Healthgrades. If there is a negative review, you’ll receive notification so you can follow-up to help that patient.

online scheduling

This list only contains services that actually schedule appointments. There are many other services that offer “appointment requests” but are not included in this group.

4PatientCare: Our “Real-Time Web Scheduler” is one of a kind in the industry. Because we can read directly out of your scheduling database we offer real appointment booking, not requests. Our Real-Time Web Scheduler enables self-scheduling, following your rules, anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

SolutionReach: SR Schedule not only gives patients the access they want, it also relieves the burdens of your staff. SR Schedule is an online scheduling tool that integrates with your practice’s PM. Through either web or mobile, patients can select specific appointment types, providers, location, time, and dates.

2-way texting with patients

4PatientCare: Notify patients automatically once their order arrives at your office. This way your patients receive up to the minute information and your staff can focus their time on higher value tasks.

Demandforce: Easily text back and forth with your clients. Get notifications and respond directly in your Demandforce Dashboard, saving you valuable time and streamlining the conversation to one medium.

SolutionReach: You’ll have access to your entire conversation history with that patient so you always have a clear context for each patient message.

Weave: Text in whatever way feels most natural to you and in your own words, so your patients always feel heard. Send messages from your desktop or from your mobile device, or set up personalized text messages in advance.

integrated contact lens subscription services

Lens Ferry: LensFerry is a secure, cloud-based commerce solution that gives your patients the convenience they have come to expect—being able to order lenses from their doctor on their phone, computer or tablet, and receive shipments at their door. Give your practice automatic multi-channel selling capabilities—so you can drive lens sales even when your store isn’t open for business.

Your Lens: is a retail contact lens website where patients can buy contact lenses online direct from their licensed eye care practitioners–the safest most convenient way to buy contact lenses online.

If you know if any other services not included on this list, let me know here so I can get it added!

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