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ECP end of year checklist

End of Year Checklist (free download)

We all know how busy everyone in the eyecare industry is during the end of year. We also know that the world doesn’t stop for us. In the hopes that I can help ECP’s navigate through this time, I have prepared and end of the year checklist. This checklist is in an easy to read format and includes actionable items for now and what you need to be thinking about soon. This list has something for everyone – whether you’re

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Carissa Dunphy in INVISION Magazine

Be Included In My Monthly Column

A few months back I took over a column in INVISION Magazine called REAL DEAL. The concept is super cool and not like a typical column in any magazine. I write a scenarios that are inspired by true stories but are changed to sharpen the dilemmas involved. This story gets sent out by email and readers are asked to respond with their solutions to the said problem.  The peer-sourced opinions/solutions are then collected and then later published with the original

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Scott Harris Shapiro, State Optical and Europa Eyewear

Interview: Scott Harris Shapiro of State Optical & Europa Eyewear

What is the story behind your parents starting the company in 1977? Why optical frames? My parents (Alan and Cynthia Shapiro) founded Europa in 1977 out of a garage in Chicago. My dad had worked for other eyewear importers before that, and one of his former bosses, Ike Benz, helped get my parents started with their own business. My dad would go out with a briefcase filled with six frame samples, and my mom set up a phone and a

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Women in Optometry

Building Loyalty With Patients

I take a lot of pride in building relationships with patients and the community and I was very fortunate to share my perspective on this with Women in Optometry Magazine. It’s so important to remember that our experiences with patients help create a relationship between them and the practice. Take a moment to read the article on Women in Optometry – you can also get a free download to share on social media!

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Occoquan Optical Owner

She Opened Her Own Optical Shop

I’ve been in the optical industry for about 10 years. I started in one of the chain stores and lasted about 8 months. I liked the job but not the “corporate feel”. I went to a private practice and kept on that path and also added an independent optical boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I’m from). It was at that optical boutique where my appreciation for better quality products and service really came to light. I appreciated

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Luminary Optical

Mobile Optician Startup

The decision to become a Mobile Optician came about fairly easily! My husband and I were discussing the differences between going into an office and purchasing eyeglasses online. We soon realized that there was a gap in between the two and that we could fill the void. Our original idea with this business was to only host events. Essentially parties where I would bring my frames in a case (like a frame rep) and people would invite their friends. It

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