Optician and Optical Tattoos

We all know how passionate we are about our jobs, we take pride in our work and truly love what we do. Many people have occupation related tattoos but I think Opticians and those in our industry take the cake. We perhaps may because glasses are so trendy and stylish, but mostly because we like to show off what we love to do. I am proud to share some Optician tattoos, with their permission. Got your own Optical tattoo? Contact me and I’ll get yours added to the list!

3D wrist glasses tattoo

Aubrey Rene | Michigan | rxoptical.com


Glasses on forearm tattoo

Addie Bogart | Independent rep that travels the west coast

Eyewearafterparty.com | Nine-eyewear.com  | ArticleOneEyewear.com | Oyobox.com | Feb31st.it


Oculus Reparo Tattoo

Nicole Echeverri | New Jersey | pdoptics.com


Leo the Lion with Sunglasses

Barry Raines | New York | davincitattoo.com

This is in memory of my son, Lee the lion! My rock star!


Glasses tattoo

Janet Sheldon | Washington | Europa Eyewear W. WA Sales Rep


3-D Glasses Tattoo

Amy Sabella Malone | Washington


Prism formula tattoo

Rebecca Scott | California | fatkidtattoo.com


I love glasses tattoo

Ruth Sullivan | Missouri


3-D Licensed Optician Tattoo

Maria Mills | New York | renaissancestudiostattoo.com


Glasses tattooChrissy Friberg | Washington | Stillwater Expressions


Progressive lens markings tattoo
Jennifer Roehrenbeck-Graf | Ohio


Optician team tattoos

Jennie Hilbourn, Patti Leonard, Corie Roney (in order) |  North Carolina


phoropter tattoo glasses tattoo

Robert Preston | Minnesota | mcdonaldeyecare.com

Got your own Optical tattoo? Contact me and I’ll get yours added to the list!

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