Second Pair Sunglass Alternative

Opticians and Optical owners always desire to sell a second pair of glasses to a customer, most often a pair of prescription sunglasses. With the unprecedented times we are currently in the midst of, many customers are looking to keep their budget tight – but this doesn’t have to mean that they don’t get a pair of sunglasses.
Most Opticians have heard of Cocoons fitover eyewear by now, hear me out on this one. I’ve been selling Cocoons for over ten years now and they seem to most always be an great solution. I’m not trying to steer you away from selling prescription sunglasses, but if you have a customer who wants prescription sunglasses but cannot afford them, that’s when you offer Cocoons as a solution. Another instance for the Cocoons being a solution is if a customer doesn’t want to spend the money because they know they will lose them (like everyone in Seattle does, where I live). They’re an instant sell and customers can wear them over different pairs of glasses. I’ve even sold them to dental assistants as additional protection over their rx pair.
Cocoons are, despite what you may think, extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. They often provide better light blocking from the sun than an rx pair because of the lip shelf on the top that sits above the rx pair and the thick height of the temples. Cocoons come in many colors of polarized lenses, photochromic polarized, polarized mirrored lenses and 15 frame colors! In my office I try to keep one of each size in stock (8 different sizes) with various colors. This way the customer can see many of the colors and also try the fit of each size. If I don’t have the combo they want I order it, otherwise they take home the pair they choose right then!

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