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Since I first saw Rimmel Eyewear on Instagram, I have been in awe of the gorgeous frames they design and create. The colors, shapes, details, layers, inlays, you name it… are all done beautifully. Did I mention the colors! Browse their beautiful eyewear on their website and follow them on Instagram to see what they’re working on next!

Rimmel came into the optical scene in mid-2021 – Tell us a little about your background:

My polish dad is the biggest eyewear developer in South America, since the 60’s. He was always the first to introduce all materials related to eyewear manufacturing – for example, acetate sheets (before the material used was celluloid). Since I was 15 I have been introduced to eyewear production and finished frame suppliers from Italy and Asia, visited many factories around the globe, and even got to learn Mandarin.


And your goals/vision for the brand:

This is a project of my own. I had always traveled to the major exhibitions as a visitor and thought it would be great to become an exhibitor and sell all over the world. The experience of dealing with people from different countries is amazing.


How has breaking into this market been – anything great or bad?

It was difficult, we are in an era where there’s an overstock of very sellable frames at competitive prices. There’s more offer than demand and this competition will only become stronger; But i will step up to the plate and won’t regret trying.


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You’ve been a vendor at VEE and Silmo, what was your experience with each and how do they differ?

It’s hard to say because our debut in VEE in April was still under pandemic, so not many people showed up, but i believe this next time will be different because i’m preparing a beautiful stand with the right team. In Silmo I met several opticians that will also be going to VEE this time and I’m really looking forward to VEE!


Your photography! Was there a plan for this explosion of your brand on Instagram (16k followers) or did the beautiful frames sell themselves?

I receive more likes to the pictures of the frames alone than the photos of the models wearing them. The NYC and Paris photoshoots not only gave us great marketing material but more importantly, it really boosted our brand reputation. But we’re an eyewear brand and the most active followers are eyewear lovers, so the most important thing is having great designs that are different from others.


Some of your frames look like candy, while others have the most intricately detailed metal work – Could you describe your creative process?

We try to do something different, if some expensive process is needed it’s actually better because this way we avoid being copied by generic frames. I think this is essential for a new brand. The key is to make different designs, there’s no point in making more of the same.


How do you work with opticians and opticals?

It’s essential not to be just one more brand in the shop. We treat opticians like partners and offer full support even after the purchase. Another thing the opticians like is that we offer a map with authorized resellers. We are a truly independent brand and can only be found in retail stores and are not available online.


Find Rimmel online:

Rimmel on Instagram
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My Rimmel unboxing video – look at their packaging!


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