I Know I’ll Never Love a Frame Again

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Yes, the song. I was going through a sad time when I realized that I would never love a frame the way I have loved my Scott Harris 462 over the past few years. I’ll never get rid of my SH462 but I am wanting to spice things up a bit and wear something new to sell. I’m a tough face to fit and I’m quite the critic. I’m always looking for new frames but I’ve really been looking hard over the past year, to no avail.

When I first saw the SH462 my mouth dropped and I grabbed it from my reps tray and immediately put it on. 😍 This gradient purple captured my heart and was more neutral to wear with anything than I ever expected. I wore the hell out of this frame and loved it, but what did I discover… that there was another color that I loved more… so I ordered the brown/teal combo also. This second color was my new favorite, I wore it every day even though I own so many pairs of glasses. I’ve never even adjusted this frame, it was meant for my head. Patients repeatedly compliment this frame and it’s intriguing colors when I wear it. I continued to wear and sell this frame off of my own face. I sold this one frame 29 times. Over and over.

But what came next? More colors of transitions. Amethyst specifically, how perfect is a purple frame with purple transitions! The anticipation was immense and I have since sold amethyst transitions in purple frames, because I was wearing it.  I had written an article on the new transitions with examples in my own frame and when I was not wearing it I pulled up the article online to show patients. Best example ever.

As time went on this brown/teal frame remained my true love and will always be, but, times and prescriptions change. I still had not found a frame I love as much on a daily basis so I decided to put it under the diamond knife and update the prescription so my love and I can spend more days together.

Anytime you re-lens a frame you want to be cautious, and edging my own lenses for my most favorite frame was exciting but nerve wrecking. I took some photos of the procedure 🤣

I now have my all time favorite with my new rx and guess what frame I still wear most often:

Scott Harris 462

Have you ever had a frame you’ve loved so much you’ve gotten it in several colors?
A frame you’ve loved so much that it sets the bar so high that is impossible to reach?

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