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I am BLOWN AWAY at the options for fitover sunglasses. Hundreds of option combos that provide a solution for every single demographic. As with any sunglass line, there’s no need to carry all of the models in all of the lens colors. How the heck might you choose what to carry to offer your customers nearly all of the options? It’s super easy and you only need 12 or less. You could do with 8 since that is every shape they offer but I do 12 because it is one full tray to display. Let me explain.

Select one of each shape, then select a different color of every frame shape, then select a different color of lens for each frame. If you can’t narrow it down then choose a few extras based on lens finish. For example, you may have brown and grey polarized and some of your favorite mirror colors but you should also select one with the blue light blocking or photochromic lenses. Or if you’re in an area that is industrial, make sure you have the tinted  lens colors since industrial workers will likely wear them inside of a shop. Have a complete variety of options at hand as a tool to sell a pair that’s exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Once the customer has selected the right size and frame and lens color, if you do not have that combo in-store, simply place the order (as you would with any other pair of glasses). You’ll find that some customers select from your stock because they need a quick solution. Of course that is fine, but consider when you order that custom combo for a different customer, re-order the ones from your display that you’re missing from the previous sale. This will allow you to always maintain the selection variety to make the sale.

Take a look at a few options you can inventory to display the options:

Cocoons Fitovers Eyewear

Shown in image:
Pilot (L) Black Polarized Green Mirror
Slim Line (M) Ink Polarized Blue Mirror
Style Line (MX) Blush Polarized Silver Mirror
Mini Slim (MS) Leopard Polarized Amber


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