Review of Anti-Fog Products for Glasses

I was a guest on the latest episode of the Specs Appeal Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Maddie and Steph, two opticians who conquer challenges that opticians and optical staff face in a funny and conversational way. <

With the times currently being spectacally foggy, we discussed (and tried out) many anti-fog solutions. You’ll have to listen to the episode to get our feedback on how the products worked and how effective we felt they were. See below for links to all of the products we discussed in the episode (in the order they were discussed).

Listen to Episode 19, “Fog Free Is The Way To Be” here


Essilor Anti-Fog AR

Essilor anti-fog AR


Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog

Contact your Shamir rep for lab locations
(see a previous, more thorough article I did on this product here)
Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog


Nerdwax Fog Block

Nerdwax Fog Block


Random Amazon find

Spoiler: the product is not worth sharing the link
Random amazon fog cloth


A potato

available at your local grocery store


OptiPlus Anti-Fog Lens Wipes

buy wholesale at Hilco
OptiPlus+ lens wipes


Zeiss Fog Defender System

Zeiss fog defender system


Fog Stopper

buy wholesale: Dynamic Labs
consumer purchasing: Eyeglass Supply Store (use discount code ML20)
Fog Stopper

What have you been using to help with glasses fogging up?

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1 thought on “Review of Anti-Fog Products for Glasses”

  1. I’ve been using OptiPlus anti fog and it seems to work better that the generic brands however, I have not tired any of the other ones on your list. OptiPlus anti fog worked great at first but after a while I had to apply more than once to get a good result.

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