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Becoming An Optician

Becoming An Optician Series

See a need, fill a need… One thing I have seen over and over again is people asking where to get optical knowledge. It’s simple to show you where you can get the information but truly learning is different. If you take a step back, everybody started somewhere and we all have taken different paths that got us to where we are today. I thought I would take advantage of the platform and readership I have built and share others’

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Optical Women Assoc. Podcast Guest

I was very fortunate to have been a guest on OWA Talks, the monthly podcast for the Optical Women’s Association. As a longtime listener of the podcast and member of the OWA, I was excited to share my experiences with their listeners. Listen to the episode Find out more about the Optical Women’s Association

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Interview: Northwest Frame Repair

Northwest Frame Repair is THE go-to for any kind of frame repair or re-finishing. In an online setting, anytime frame repair advice is sought, these guys are ALWAYS recommended. I personally use NFR for repairs at my office that need to be sent out, and I would recommend them to anyone. Tiffany not only does exceptional work, but she’s also an Optician so she truly understands the logistics behind what she’s doing. Take a look at some of the things

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Interview with Roger Eye Design & Rain City

If you’ve ever seen the frames made by these guys you will never forget them. I decided to interview them both because they work so closely together. Roger designs Roger Eye Design. Keith is the US distributor for Roger Eye Design, who also has his own company/line called Rain City Eyewear and deeply resonates with me because I live in Seattle, which is what Rain City is based on. I’ve known Keith for over 10 years as a rep and

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Scott Harris Shapiro, State Optical and Europa Eyewear

Interview: Scott Harris Shapiro of State Optical & Europa Eyewear

What is the story behind your parents starting the company in 1977? Why optical frames? My parents (Alan and Cynthia Shapiro) founded Europa in 1977 out of a garage in Chicago. My dad had worked for other eyewear importers before that, and one of his former bosses, Ike Benz, helped get my parents started with their own business. My dad would go out with a briefcase filled with six frame samples, and my mom set up a phone and a

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Akeel, Mr. 0ptix

Opticians and Labs Working Together to Minimize Errors: From Mr. 0ptix

Many Opticians and those working in the industry never see inside of a lab or even see a lens blank. I am fortunate to work in an Optometry practice where we edge lenses in house so I get to see and troubleshoot many different things.  In thinking about those who may not get to see this, I thought, why not talk to someone who works both in retail and in a lab and share some knowledge. Perhaps if retail and

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Interview: Carrie Wilson, Master Optician

Carrie Wilson is a prominent figure in the Optician world as she is actively social online with her Master Optician expertise and business experience as she holds a Masters degree. Somehow she found the time to write a book, National Opticianry Certification Exam Preparation, all while working her ‘day job’ as the Optician: Lab liasion for Walmart, specifically as a Senior Manager of Quality Assurance. That’s an impressive mouth-full. You can see why I wanted to pick her brain! Take

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Social Eye Interview on social media

Interview: The Social Eye’s Peggy Gartin

Our industry has an enormous social media presence, specifically Instagram, where we can visually market ourselves and our practices. While there are so many practices utilizing these platforms, many are not. How do I, an industry resource, help guide those who need advice on social media? I get an expert and ask them the real questions you want answers to. Meet Peggy Gartin, founder of The Social Eye, an optical industry social media marketing consultant. She has spent the last

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Mr. 0ptix

Opticians From Behind Bars

This post is to introduce you to Akeel, a.k.a. Mr. 0ptix. I met him on social media when I was impressed by the photos of the excellent lab work he does, and he does quite a variety of different lenses and tints. Akeel also started hosting Gucci frame giveaway contests and I started to see his social presence take off as he found the voice  he wanted to present to the world. He mentioned to me that he wanted to

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europa eyewear

How Your Frame Rep Should Help You (written by a frame rep)

Howdy Buyers! When I made the decision to jump to this side of the optical business, I wanted to work with a company that aligned with my values and ethics. I want to help others and show businesses how they can grow. I’m passionate about our local community and I’m inspired by how passionate you are about this industry. (If you’re reading this group, you’re my kind of people!) At my interview with Scott (yep, Scott Harris himself) he asked me

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