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Nerdwax for Glasses – Seen on Shark Tank

In 2014 my practice helped Nerdwax in donating to their Kickstarter campaign, a little later I watched them pitch their innovative product to investors on Shark Tank.  I did find their product interesting but as an Optician I was a bit skeptical so I emailed their owner, Don, to ask what he had to say: One of the biggest objections I get from Opticians is that “if the customers glasses are properly fitted then they won’t slip”. And for the

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Luminary Optical

Mobile Optician Startup

The decision to become a Mobile Optician came about fairly easily! My husband and I were discussing the differences between going into an office and purchasing eyeglasses online. We soon realized that there was a gap in between the two and that we could fill the void. Our original idea with this business was to only host events. Essentially parties where I would bring my frames in a case (like a frame rep) and people would invite their friends. It

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