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Why I Decided To Join The Optical Women’s Association

In light of myself being the current featured member of the Optical Women’s Association, I thought I would share why I decided to become a member. The optical world is very small, yet very large. I like to always be busy doing something, but simply blogging wasn’t filling up my cup. I wanted to reach more types of people, to learn from them and with them, and provide value where I could. I was a guest on the OWA Talks

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Scott Harris 462

I Know I’ll Never Love a Frame Again

Yes, the song. I was going through a sad time when I realized that I would never love a frame the way I have loved my Scott Harris 462 over the past few years. I’ll never get rid of my SH462 but I am wanting to spice things up a bit and wear something new to sell. I’m a tough face to fit and I’m quite the critic. I’m always looking for new frames but I’ve really been looking hard

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Mr. 0ptix

Opticians From Behind Bars

This post is to introduce you to Akeel, a.k.a. Mr. 0ptix. I met him on social media when I was impressed by the photos of the excellent lab work he does, and he does quite a variety of different lenses and tints. Akeel also started hosting Gucci frame giveaway contests and I started to see his social presence take off as he found the voice  he wanted to present to the world. He mentioned to me that he wanted to

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Optician and Optical Tattoos

Optician and Optical Tattoos

We all know how passionate we are about our jobs, we take pride in our work and truly love what we do. Many people have occupation related tattoos but I think Opticians and those in our industry take the cake. We perhaps may because glasses are so trendy and stylish, but mostly because we like to show off what we love to do. I am proud to share some Optician tattoos, with their permission. Got your own Optical tattoo? Contact

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